Saturday, November 6, 2010

A few recent paintings!

Here are three recent studio oil paintings.  "Blue Juniper" and "Bright Angel" are available, however "Ponderosa" is already called for (but I could make prints of it if you are interested).  I posted images of two of these already, but today they were dry enough to scan in at high resolution.  Enjoy!

"Blue Juniper"  11x14

"Bright Angel" 9x12

"Ponderosa" 12x16

Walking in an Autumn Wonderland

Autumn in Arizona is not complete without hiking at West Fork, North of Sedona, a side canyon of Oak Creek.  I talked my wife into waking up at 6am to beat the rush at the parking lot.  A couple years ago, we waited one hour to get a parking spot.  West Fork is popular this time of year and there are many reasons why, but mostly it is a stunning canyon!  We hiked the full three miles before the canyon narrows to the point that we would have to wade in water.  It was too cold for that but I will come back in the summer to do the full 11 miles sometime soon (I hope).  When we arrived, it was cold, about 38 degrees, but the soft light was marvelous.  I can't wait to work on painting these awesome sights I caught on camera.  Sure enough, by the time we left at noon-thirty, a line of cars six deep were waiting to park.  By the way, parking there is now a whoppin' ten bucks, but it is well worth it.