Tuesday, June 25, 2013

White Mountains, Big Lake, AZ

My wife Denise and I decided to head east for an extended weekend of camping. This was our first time visiting this part of AZ and we were delighted with what we saw. The forest was more diverse than the Prescott area. We noticed fir, aspen, spruce, and pine. Also, the White Mountains feature rolling meadows of grass and numerous lakes. We camped near Big Lake in a developed campground. In 2011, a large wildfire devastated sections of forest in this area. We could see how beautiful the area must have been before the fire and were excited to see new trees and ferns taking the burned sections place. It was quite windy and fire smoke drifted through the area each afternoon from a wildfire in New Mexico (not sure on what fire the smoke was actually from). We biked and hiked, and did not fish. I completed a couple oil paintings done on location. We relaxed and enjoyed the slow, quiet pace. The following pictures represent 10 percent of my total photographs captured and are some of my favs. Enjoy!
Morning light at Big Lake

Windy day 

late afternoon at Big Lake

Big Lake

view of our campsite minus our tent (set up further to the right)

part of the burned out area seen on the West Fork of the Black River Trail

new life

lots of competition for pollen

The West Fork of the Black River

smoky haze made for interesting lighting


view from Big Lake lookout, the lookout tower was burned out too

just below Big Lake Lookout

thick Aspen grove from the Escullida Lookout Trail, another burned out area, this grove was mostly preserved

Escullida LO trail

our view from the Escullida LO trail

Aspen tree growing around this sign, and bear markings on the tree to the left

at Big Lake

sailboat at Big Lake

sunset at Big Lake

Grayling Campground at Big Lake

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oak Creek Canyon - Water & Light

We arrived at Oak Creek mid-afternoon to a busy Sunday cooling off celebration. Later, the lighting was perfect, with shade and reflected light. Here are some of my favs from today's shoot: