Saturday, October 20, 2012

West Fork - Fall Colors

My wife and I try not to miss seeing the fall colors at West Fork just north of Sedona. Today, was the day we had open to make the trip. We arrived just after 9am to a full parking lot, so we drove another 1/2 mile up the highway to park on the shoulder. No big deal. I expected a crowd but figured once we get a mile in, it won't seem so bad. Well, it was bad. We did have moments of solitude and quiet yet those peaceful feelings left me on the hike back. The big groups of folks and their requisite dogs got on my nerves. What's the deal with dog owners? What makes them think little fluffy foo-foo wants to see fall colors? What are doggy parks for? Okay, I don't actually hate dogs, it is mostly the fact that the owners are not responsible and respectful. I really like West Fork for the intimate feeling of the narrow canyon and the lush vegetation. Not such an intimate canyon today, everyone had the same idea, I don't blame them, it's a beautiful place worth seeing again and again. Ah well, it was mostly enjoyable and the colors were amazing as usual. We found a few more awesome alcoves just off the trail to photograph. We hiked to the end of the trail where a person could continue past the 3.3 mile end if you don't mind wading in water. Some day, we will do it. My favorite pic of all is the raven getting it's feet wet. Check it:

pratically a rainbow of colors from these trees

Caw, caw... here is my fav pic of the day!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lockett Meadow - SF Peaks - Fall Colors

It was a perfect day, warm, sunny, cool breezes, vivid fall colors.... and hiking with my beautiful wife! Need I say more? Here are some of my favorite photos. I can't wait to get started on painting from some of these photos!

trail framed by Aspens

crunchy floor, earthy smells

long morning shadows

bright blue skies

tall beauties

enchanted forest

Inner Basin

patches of gold

Locket Meadow and the San Fransisco Peaks

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Paintings & Upcoming Sedona Show

Here are some brand new paintings from the last couple months. Having art shows to exhibit in really is a good motivator to get new work done. I will be part of the Sedona Arts Festival on October 13-14, 2012 at the Sedona High School. The hours of operation both days are 9:00am to 4:00pm. Find me at booth B19 with some of these new paintings and much more!
"Autumn Melody" 8x10 oil, sold as a comission piece

"Bryce Canyon Hoodoo" 12x17 oil

"Fossil Creek Passage" 9x12 oil

"Summer Melody" 8x10, sold as a comission

"Songbird Lane" 9x12 oil

"Rooted at Oak Creek" 12x16

"Sedona Sunset" 18x24 oil

"Morning Showers" 9x12 oil