Monday, April 23, 2012

Maui Vacation Part 4

The first  five photos are also from our trip to Hana, where we stopped at a few different beaches. The lava rock formations were unusual and fascinating. The last pictures are from Iao Valley, a state park just out of central Maui into the west Maui mountains. The forest was thick here and most of the water flows that through this valley is used for agricultural purposes. We had an amazing time in Maui, we hope to return some day, or at least, visit Kauai.

see the arch way in the back?

Hawaiian flag on the right

black sand beach

in Iao Valley

in Iao Valley, nature taking care of itself!

Maui Vacation Part 3

All of these photos are from our road trip on Hana Highway, which goes to Hana and further to a section of Haleakala National Park where most people visit the famous pools. We went on a 2 mile one-way hike up to Waimoku Falls. This trail led us through a very awesome bamboo forest. When the wind blew, the bamboo knocked together, creating a very cool mega-wind chime. The highway to Hana is very curvey and narrow. It was slow going but much to see, including waterfalls galore. This made for a long day of driving and was also one of highlights of our trip in Maui. We stopped for dinner in Paia on our way back at a place called Flatbreads. Definitely some of the best pizza ever!
I don't remember all the names of the waterfalls, there were so many.

the bamboo forest, I thought it was an awesome part of the hike


okay I know the name of this waterfall, this is the falls at the end of the hike, the Waimoku Falls

Waimoku Falls, 400 ft in height!

one of my top fav pics from the trip, this flower fell from a tree and inspired me to frame it for this fine photo

the famous sacred pools, got crowded in the mid afternoon

Maui Vacation Part 2

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on top of Haleakala, looking down on central and west Maui (super duper windy up there, and cold)

silver sword, only grows on Haleakala

out of this world on Haleakala

Denise at Makena Landing

a local tossing flowers in the ocean, I researched later and found it is a custom to toss a Lei (cut up) into the ocean to commemorate a deceased person

our official Maui portrait

still at Makena Landing


Maui Vacation Part 1

At last, Denise and I vacationed in Hawaii. We chose Maui because we read it is quiet, green, variety of scenery, and perfect weather. It was all of these things! We stayed in a condo just across the street from Kamaole Beach Park III. Each day, we went somewhere new. We snorkeled almost everyday and even took a boat out to Molokini Crater to see the bright coral and numerous fish there (we even saw a little octopus). We also snorkled near a number sea turtles on the way back from the boat tour! I posted over 40 pics on Facebook that were taken with my iPhone, these photos and the photos in subsequent posts, are with my Canon DSLR.  I don't have too much to write and would like the photos to illustrate the vibrant and exotic places we saw. I recommend that you go to Maui for yourself! The following photos are from our first two days there. We stayed in Maui for a whole week.
Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve (South Maui)

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve

Sunset from Kamaole Beach III

the two of us!

having fun with a long shutter speed, 5 seconds in this exposure

Molikini Crater is the small shape near the top of the waterline, 6 miles away

a blow hole, West Maui

West Maui Coast, a windy day

West Maui

West Maui

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