Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hiking Badger Springs

Hiking to the Agua Fria River on the Badger Springs trail on a windy Saturday was a way to catch more allergies and check out a new place.  This was a small reward after working 2 weeks on my thesis, a day trip to the Agua Fria National Monument.  The hike down to the river was an easy one mile.  Looking up to the left, petroglyphs grace the rock wall.  The trail from here is mostly boulder hopping and crossing the river a few times.  We went on for another mile up river, finding cactus blooms and a biggie sized suguaro.  On our way home, we stopped in at Arcosanti, my wife's first time there.  It is worth a visit to experience an innovative urban city.  The allergies that came on later that evening were unsatisfactory, but the cactus blooms made it all worth it.

Apex dome at Arcosanti

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Signs of Spring

The air is warming, buds are bursting, the grass is green, the lakes are full, the creeks are chortling, and I am enjoying it (despite the pollen). 
Buds at Lynx Creek
Falls at Lynx Creek, south of Lynx Lake
On the shores of Lynx Lake
Moss in the Dells
Watson Lake Dam, overflowing
Lichen, in the Dells

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Studio

This is where I create!  It is a small space but very functional.  It measures about 8x18 ft, well lit, with enough wall space to hang finished paintings and paintings in progress.  I have a separate work table for working on my laptop, reviewing photos, sketching, and finishing picture frames.  A glass-topped table serves as my pallette.  My wife made the lovely burnt orange curtains for a touch of color.  I installed a wall unit air-conditioner and heat it with a space heater.  A few years ago, I insulated this space and hung plywood.  Recently, I finally finished the room by chaulking, trimming, and painting.  Before, the room also doubled as a storage room (all of that junk went into the shed).  It was time to devote this space exclusively to my art-making.  Well, I did leave the bike helmets hanging in there, a reminder to get out and enjoy beautiful AZ.   

 These coffee cans contain my paint thinner. 

A screen door lets the fresh air in and the bugs out.  Looks like my thesis is being worked on!  I better get back to it.